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Brake Discs Warranty

All Products supplied by Brake Depot Limited are covered by the manufacturer product warranty

Warranty is for replacement of same or similar product not including any shipping charges, labour or ancillary charges such as inconvenience, recovery or purchasing of other products outside of Brake Depot Limited. Where a claim is made proof of mileage and date fitted will be required accompanied by a detailed report supporting the warranty claim. No warranty will be offered if in the event that brake components have been fitted by persons not technically qualified to do so. Warranty is none transferable.

Brake Depot Limited does not warrant products for racing, drifting, rallying, track day experience or any other form of motorsport use. If purchasing for track use or any other form of motorsport then it is your responsibility to assess the suitability for the use intended.

Brake Vibration will not be covered under warranty where the vibration is caused by uneven disc thickness referred to as DTV or any other error relating to fitment procedure. Please follow our brake disc fitting guide to avoid brake disc thickness variation. Disc Thickness Variation is a common cause of incorrect fitment however only becomes a problem during the 2-5000 miles period and will be felt as ‘Brake Shudder’ symptoms will normally be pulsing through the brake pedal and vibrations ‘Shaking’ of the steering wheel under heavy braking.

“Brake Disc and Hub Run-Out... should be checked on standard and grooved brake discs BEFORE mounting the wheels and road testing”

"Grooved Brake Discs may generate noise, noise is not covered under warranty"

"Corrosion to cast iron brake discs is normal and is not covered under warranty, however corrosion is reduced on coated brake discs"

Please note that it is the fitter’s responsibility to ensure the brake hub and brake disc run-out is within your vehicles manufacturer’s specification prior to road testing the vehicle. If specification cannot be obtained you should contact us for further assistance and possible replacement. It will be assumed that any brake judder pulsations that may occur after road testing or during the life of the brake disc will be caused by incorrect lateral alignment during the fitment stage and such circumstances will not be covered under warranty.

Please see our fitting guide if you have brake vibration problems; Fitting Guide

No warranty is offered where the vehicle is used for public hire or reward

Please complete the warrantly claim for when returning any item, available to donwload here: Warranty Application

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