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Evora Performance Brake Discs

When buying brake discs many of us want to know what brand of brake discs you are buying, the internet provides a huge choice to us but deciding which to buy can often be a worry, as we all want the best brakes at the best price right?

Here at Brake Depot we understand this, because we too want the best value for our pound, When we started out back in 2009 we would supply grooved brake discs through our website and our eBay shop, just having grooved brake discs in the listing title and the description was enough, but over the past few years things have changed a little, shoppers are more savvy and there is more competition in our industry. We explored various ways of boosting confidence for our customers that the discs that are grooved, are grooved from top quality named brands, so we would list the grooved brake discs as " Dimpled and Grooved Mintex Brake Discs", or "Slotted EBC Brake Discs" which for most was fine, however it soon became apparent that this had some issues, for example a customer would contact Mintex to ask a question about the grooved brake discs they had purchased, and as you guessed it Mintex would reply they are not ours, they must be a fake! 

So we had to come up with another solution... We called our performance grooved brake discs Evora, why? well it's a nice name that sounds classy, that said we could give a load of speil instead like we were inspired by the Lotus evora or maybe it's where we spent many years on holiday, as its also the capital of Portugal's south-central Alentejo region, but that wouldn't be true, we chose it because we liked it, plain simple honesty.

Anyway moving on, we still use a range of carefully selected brake discs to CNC grooved with your favourite designs but they are now called Evora grooved brake discs, we offer a range of designs;

  • Evora Drilled and Grooved
  • Evora C Hook
  • Evora 40G
  • Evora Swirl Grooved
  • Evora Sport Grooved
  • Evora X-Series (Cross Drilled)

Each design has been created in our CAD software to be both pleasing to look at and to improve the performance of the brake pads. Your probably still thinking ok so when I buy a set of Evora brake discs what brand of disc am i buying? Well the brand will be Evora however it will been manufactured from a branded brake disc, such as Brembo, National, Breck or Apec to name just a few. 

The factors we take into consideration are the quality the vehicle in question, such as the age or ability of the vehicle, whether the disc is high carbon or not, if the disc is coated to protect against corrosion, the price of the disc and the readily availability. Once we have chosen a suitable brake disc we place this in our Manufacturing Software so each and every time we supply a particular brake disc we supply the same high quality product, our software even has full traceability and batch control.

Once a brake disc is ordered, we will provide our CNC machinist with the works order to produce the part in one the state of the art machining centres such as the XYZ VMC or the Leadwell V32 both are very capable machines working to very small tolerances to continued repeatability.

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