Evora Performance Brake Discs

May 21, 2018

After some listening to our customers and some debate within our organisation we have decided to amend how we sell the Evora grooved brake discs, for the past few years we have been supplying the Evora grooved brake discs as Evora grooved brake discs but the majority of our customers were sceptical when purchasing, as it is a Brand that is reasonably unknown when compared with other big brands like EBC Brakes and Brembo. The Evora grooved brake discs have always been manufactured from another UK brand such as National, Apec, EBC and Brembo so even though the Brand was listed as Evora the casting used was always of the highest quality however when comparing the Evora brand against other online retailers selling similar items the difference in quality was not easily distinguishable.

So in a effort to provide some clarity we are now providing you with a choice of Brand for the Evora grooving range, how this work is you choose the standard brake disc of choice, such as Brembo, EBC Brakes, Breck, National etc. then you add the desired Evora grooved pattern from our list of options, that way you get the Brand you know and trust with the looks you like.

We currently offer six options for the Evora look and these are:

  1. Dimpled and Grooved
  2. Sport Grooved
  3. Swirl Grooved
  4. 40 Grooved
  5. C-Hook Crescent
  6. Cross Drilled (X Series)

Patterns one to five are available for almost every disc we offer, however the the cross drilled x-series are available only for a select few so please check with us before purchasing to avoid possible disappointment.