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Bedding In Mintex F-Series Pads

When fitting new Mintex F series brake pads it is important to bed in using the procedure below.

  • Introduce temperature into the new brake pads by 12 to 24 short hard stops in a low gear to ensure the energy input is limited.
  • Accelerate to a high RPM and then apply the brakes in a short hard snub and then accelerate back to the higher rpm, Repeat this processes 8-10 times.
  • After this a lap can be driven to test the brakes.
  • If necessary the entire process can be repeated to give a better pedal feel.
  • On returning to the pits the brakes should be allowed to cool and the system bled before further use.
  • When carrying out the bedding process do not allow the brakes to drag or bring the car to a complete stop from very high speeds to very low speeds or a complete stop, to do so may result in damage to the brake system or failure of the brake system.

Failure to follow the bedding-in procedure may result in sub optimal brake performance by as much as 20%.

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